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Annual Meeting of Leaders for Justice Community 2022

Every year we take bigger and bigger steps towards new projects and systemic changes. We grow and mature together, we have both complicated and constructive discussions about society and justice, we help each other become better at what we do, we shape together ideas and dreams that yesterday seemed impossible.

The four days in Covasna were a carousel of emotions in which we sought to cover all the needs of the members of Leaders for Justice (RO) and LEAD (MD), the two twinned communities.

When over 100 members from 17 generations of the program (13 in Romania and 4 in MD) come together to work together, to learn from each other, to shape what they want to bring to society, to get to know their peers from all walks of life, you feel like you are part of something unique, brave and with fantastic potential, a community built by members based on the values and principles they share, but also on their motivations to make big changes around them.

There were 25 workshops on key topics in the area of personal development (self-awareness, teamwork, workplace relations, stress management, working on ideas, etc.), professional development (entrepreneurship, authenticity in justice, prevention on domestic violence, fight against fake news, modern justice, communication to society or justice actors, etc.) or building towards the future (legal education, LfJ events, training design and future programs) supported by more than 40 LfJ and LEAD members, but also by three organizations that joined us. Much gratitude goes to our special guests who held dedicated workshops and contributed throughout the meeting: the teams Decât o Revistă (Carla, Ioana and Cristian), Code4Romania (Dana, Olivia and Bogdan) and (Diana and Vlad).

Our story continues on the road to building a healthy leadership culture and principles that guide the whole society towards the common good!

#LeadForJustice #LEADMoldova #CommunityPower #ChangeRo #ChangeMd #TheBestIsYetToCome

Author: Doru Toma

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