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About us

Leaders for Justice is a community of young legal professionals in Romania that brings together professionals from various fields of law and encourages dialogue and cooperation between the legal professions.

Together we are a team, a community based on common values, not just a professional network.

Within the Community of Leaders for Justice and the LiderJust Association we acquire new skills and professional tools, taking part in specialised training sessions, workshops and debates with personalities from the field of law and related areas; we exchange ideas and work on projects that we design and implement together.


A fair, transparent, efficient and predictable justice system, in which accessibility and respect for citizens' rights are the criteria for any systemic measure, in full accordance with the principles of law; an aware and well-informed society on law issues.


We aim to improve the justice system in Romania and take an active role in society by promoting and strengthening the values of the rule of law: equality before the law, integrity, accountability and transparency in decision-making.

Articles published and views expressed on this platform belong to the authors and are not necessarily those of all members of the Leaders for Justice community.


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