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Fundraising for the listening room dedicated to minors in Curtea de Arges Court

Two spouses have just left my office who have filed for divorce with 3 minor children. The older ones, ages 6 and 10, I gave them crayons while I talked to the parents, and the little girl drew this: her with her big heart. I often wonder what they and other children go through, especially those who end up in court, where the proceedings have more formality and hearing happens without parents by their side. How do they feel with all their big hearts?

I want to soften the situation as much as I can by creating the right environment for discussion with these innocent little men.

Together with GHEPart and the Association "Ajut, quindi exist", we will renovate a room in the Curtea de Argeș Court to be used for listening to minors. We want an experience at least an ounce more pleasant than the cramped judges' offices or the institution's library. Not to disparage the efforts of the staff and attorneys who have brought stuffed toys to this library.

So I ask for your help in making this possible. I have symbolically donated my birthday to this end, and the event with all the details is in the comments. Any bouquet of flowers, any gift bag can bring us closer to a room painted and furnished friendly. We also have rewards for donors

Gratitude to those who have already donated. Thanks.

With good thoughts,

A notary for the children.



We aim to raise a minimum of 15,000 lei which will be used for: painting, lighting fixtures, refurbishment of floors, doors, windows, purchase of furniture. The course of the project will be made public.

We have also found some rewards in our goodie pocket that we are offering in exchange for your donations:

- Help the children with an amount between 30 and 50 lei, including - personalized GHEPart stickers; We offer them in Curtea de Argeș/wherever one of our volunteers arrives.

- Support the project with an amount between 51 and 100 lei, including - a t-shirt from one of our projects. Local delivery.

- You support the project with an amount between 101 and 250 lei - guided tour of the historical monument-houses in Curtea de Argeș. Maximum 10 tours

- Support the initiative with more than 251 lei - MTB/hiking tour on the hills of Curtea de Argeș, with length and degree of difficulty depending on the physical condition of the donors. You bring the equipment, we provide guidance and adrenaline. Maximum 5 laps, summer-autumn 2022.

What do you have to do?

Donate to the GHEPart Development Association account, with the mention: "charitable anniversary donation" and leave us a message to discuss the prize.

Account: RO 03 RNCB 0024 1414 4944 0001, further information here:

Our partner in the project is the Association "I help, therefore I exist", based at the Harmony Cottage.

Author: Iulia Georgescu

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