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Dear Justice,

Dear Justice,

On your birthday, we wish you strength and independence and to always remain balanced!

We know you've been going through some shit. Some think you're blindfolded, not impartial, but blind. They want you less strong, less righteous and more in the "right" position, but we stand by you and fight to protect you!

We want you to be understood by all citizens; to know you are at peace with yourself and in balance, away from all the nasty words that have been said about you.

We wish you to see us all the same before you: worthy, equal in rights and obligations.

We want you to lack for nothing - to have adequate premises, to be up to date with technology and to have sufficient resources...

Let integrity and transparency be your compass every day and, remember, you exist to protect and serve citizens. You are the guarantee that we will not return to the times we fought to escape.

Without you, the dignity of the human being would be nothing more than a hollow concept, worn on everyone's lips without meaning. Without you there are no free citizens!

Happy birthday to you!

With confidence and hope in your mission in a democratic society,


*LiderJust is the association of the "Leaders for Justice" community, developed over the last 13 years to promote the values of the rule of law, of which more than 200 lawyers from all professions are members.

Author: LiderJust

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