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Is the profession of lawyer compatible with the specific activities of Tiktokers and content creators in general?

Until recently, marketing strategies were not a priority in terms of budget allocation among law firms or lawyers, the main reason being the prohibition of advertising for the purpose of acquiring clientele.

In 2017, due to increased market competitiveness, in accordance with the right to information of the public, and to align with European practices, the prohibition was lifted. Currently, lawyers are exploring various promotion methods, including social media marketing. Although this promotion method is one of the most accessible and least expensive, the lack of specific regulation allows the use of strategies whose compatibility with the ethics and professional ethics of the legal profession is at least questionable.

With the aim of improving lawyers' promotion methods in the online environment and aligning them with ethics and professional ethics, we have analyzed in this article the behavior of the modern consumer, the easiest methods of online promotion and the results they can bring, as well as the applicable norms.

In conclusion, we have presented a series of humble recommendations regarding the importance of educating the target audience as a method to prevent the possible extinction of the legal profession.

Author: Andreea Paulescu

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